Model Spaces

At Libbie Mai Studios Training Academy, we are always looking for models to participate in our tutor demonstrations and student practice sessions. As a model, you will have the opportunity to receive heavily discounted or even free treatments. It's a win-win situation!

If you're interested in being a model, simply leave us a message specifying which treatments you're interested in. We will add you to our model call list and get in touch with you as soon as we have available spaces.

Here are the treatments we offer at our Training Academy:

  • Individual lashes
  • Hybrid lashes
  • Russian lashes
  • Lash lift & Tint
  • Brow lamination
  • HD Brows (Starting from £15)
  • Semi-permanent makeup (Starting from £50)
    • Powder/Ombre Brows
    • Microblading
    • Lip Blush & Liner

By participating as a model, you not only get to experience our high-quality treatments at a discounted price, but you also contribute to the learning and development of our students. Our expert tutors will guide them through the process, ensuring that you receive excellent service and results.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your beauty routine while supporting aspiring beauty professionals. Leave us a message today and become a part of our Training Academy model call list!

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